Fire guarding your home

If you have never been affected by fire either direct or indirectly, I am undoubtedly sure you have watched on TVs and seen how disastrous fire can be. Building a home is a significant achievement but taking precautionary and improvement measures to ensure your home is safe, are super accomplishments.

A fire will bring down to ashes almost everything which it comes into contact with unless some steps have been put in place to curb the severability. Thus, the primary objective should be on how to ensure it is kept away from our homes as far as possible. However, before then let us point out,

The major causes of fire in our homes,

  • Electricity.
  • Arson and evil motive people.
  • Lighting equipment like candles.
  • Long dry spells make your house very vulnerable from external fires.
  • Kids can cause a fire in a flicker of a second.

Major steps to take to

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